About Us

The city of Santa Monica is internationally renowned for its quality of life, not only because of its beautiful setting, but also for the excellent services provided by the city to its residents.  The Coalition of Santa Monica City Employees is an alliance of the non-safety employees of the city that provide this high level of service to its residents.  Coalition employees have worked tirelessly to ensure that the citizens of Santa Monica receive the best municipal services possible, winning countless awards and recognition over the years for the City’s cutting edge innovation, commitment to transparency and community engagement, and its forward thinking utilization of the City’s resources.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Coalition has negotiated quality healthcare and retirement benefits for its members to ensure that Santa Monica residents continue to receive the exemplary levels of service for which the city is known by attracting the best and brightest employees to the City. The Coalition is also an active and important contributor to Santa Monica community organizations and charities that help make this city a special place to live.  And, through its political action committee, the Coalition helps elect representatives that maintain the city as an excellent place to work and a leader in municipal governance innovation.

The Coalition of Santa Monica City Employees succeeds through the collaboration and support of its all-volunteer Board of Directors, the elected City Council, and the city’s motivated and engaged citizenry. A vital part of the City of Santa Monica, the Coalition works for all members of our City, and does so with pride.

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