Benefit Trust

Employee Retirement Benefit Trust

The Santa Monica City Employees Coalition Benefit Trust was established by the coalition of bargaining units representing all permanent employees of the City, except Fire and Police sworn personnel. The Trust was established to provide reimbursement to retired employees for part of their medical insurance premiums. The Trust will not provide insurance for retired employees, but will provide partial reimbursement to eligible retired employees for some of the premiums they pay for health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and/or long term care insurance.

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The Trust, established on July 1, 2001, by its terms, started to provide reimbursement to eligible retirees on July 1, 2006. To be eligible, a retiree must be age 58 or older, eligible to receive retirement benefits from the City and age 50 or older when they separate employment from the City, and must have had five years of payments made to the Trust if hired prior to January 1, 2009 or 10 years of payments made to the Trust if hired on or after January 1, 2009. Since July 1, 2001, the City has been making monthly contributions per employee to the Trust. The Trust hires a professional actuary to advise the Board of Trustees on setting the reimbursement benefit. Although many of us had hoped the trust benefits would cover the entire cost of retiree health insurance that is not the case. Based on the last actuarial study on January 1, 2014, the current benefit is now $325.00 per month. These benefits are lifetime benefits with a continuation for spouses, domestic partners and/or children. There are currently 294 participants receiving monthly reimbursement from the Trust.

The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of representatives from each of the participating bargaining units. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year. The meetings are generally held on the first Thursday in February, May, August and November.

Finally, the Trust Administrator is Delta Fund Administrators. Questions about the Trust should be addressed to Trust Administrator Jillian Canete or Alva Aguirre at or phone: (800) 700-6762  or Fax: (209) 940-5255, or to one of the Trustees below. If you would like to reach a Trustee, please contact the Trust Administrator and they will be happy to provide you with Trustee contact information.  It’s important that all employees and retirees provide the Trust with up-to-date information, including home address and beneficiary information, as the Trust provides for benefits to surviving children and spouses.

The Board of Trustees:

Steven Jones -MEA
Mary Ann  Yurkonis – Rent Control (Vice Chair)*
Lyn Beckett Cacciatore – PAU (Treasurer)*
Candace Tysdal – MTA*
Claudia Brick – PALSSU*
Carl Olson – STA*
Annette Morales – ATA
Carlos Rubio – Teamsters
Javier Sanchez – SMART
Jory Wolf – EPP

* Retired